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Here is the Dallas Academy girls varsity basketball team, which battled to a hard-fought 100-0 loss to The Covenant School recently.

Imagine if your basketball team was comprised entirely of players like Ollie, that equipment manager kid from Hoosiers. That's Dallas Academy, which hasn't won a game in four years and has already canceled its second scheduled game with Covenant, and withdrawn from league play for the rest of the season. But as one can see in the video here, the Dallas Academy girls don't seem so broken up about it. Hey, there was that one time in the third quarter when we almost scored! Yay!


But what of the winning team, Covenant? Nice job pounding an opponent 100-zip; those are the same type of Christian values that made the Crusades such a success.

In a brief e-mail statement Wednesday evening, Covenant coach Micah Grimes called his team's 100-point total "unfortunate."

"It just happened, and we are not happy about that," Grimes wrote. "Please know Covenant intended no harm against them. I see this as a real learning opportunity, so we can prevent this from happening in the future."

Dallas Academy bounced back from its humiliating loss by lighting it up for eight points in its next game, a 41-8 loss to Cambridge School of Dallas.

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