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Foul Ball Couple Calls It Quits

Bo and Sara did the TV thing this morning, and revealed to the world what we already knew: this was one storm their relationship could not weather.

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On Tuesday, I was all set to speak with Bo Wyble, the recent high school grad whose dive for cover left his then-girlfriend Sara Saco-Vertiz a sitting duck. But then "The Early Show" came calling, and Bo dumped this two-bit blog much like Sara dumped him.

Asked if they were a couple, Bo stammered something, and Sara spoke up: "Alright. Well, I mean it's not over because of the ball..." Thankfully they were interrupted, before Bo could melt into a puddle of flop sweat on national TV.


Wait, this whole ball thing happened Monday. By Wednesday morning, they managed to break up over something? Kids these days. They take things so fast.

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