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Fox Needs To Update Their St. Louis Stock Footage, As Last Night's NLCS Closing Shot Featured A "Go Pujols" Sign

As Fox ended its broadcast of a much-delayed ending to last night's NLCS Game 3, a curious thing seemed to scroll across the gaudy videoboard atop the Lumière Place casino: "GO PUJOLS." While it's possible the person in charge of such messages never learned of the slugger's exit from the Cardinals and subsequent free-agent signing with the Angels—or, maybe, meant the message with some degree of irony rarely possessed by casino operators—it's much more likely Fox was using old stock aerial footage from, probably, last year.

This sort of thing has happened before, though we're curious how that kind of directorial decision gets made. If you can shed some light on this, chime in below or send us an email.


h/t to Ron

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