Fox News Shows Eagles Players Praying, Falsely Implies They Were Protesting During Anthem

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Picking on Fox News is the easiest thing in the universe. So let’s do it, shall we?

Yesterday, our groper-in-chief uninvited the Eagles from today’s planned White House visit celebrating the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory. He claimed in part it was because the Eagles had kneeled for the playing of the national anthem; naturally, not one Eagles player had kneeled for the anthem last season.

Reporting on Trump’s cancelation of the Eagles’ visit, Fox News showed images of Eagles players kneeling. The idea you’re supposed to get is that they were kneeling during the anthem. But these were photos of Eagles players praying before games.


Zach Ertz, shown prominently in the report, was not happy about it.


In reality, it wasn’t about kneeling at all. Fewer than 10 members of the Birds planned to attend the White House ceremony. President Donald Trump will now hold what he’s calling a “celebration of America” at the time when the Eagles were supposed to be at the White House. Fox News will undoubtedly report that it is great.

Update, 11:30 a.m.: Fox News issued this statement, and deleted the tweet featuring the clip: