FOX puts its college football crew in a tough spot by potentially bringing Urban Meyer back

It looks like Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, and Rob Stone could be guilty by association if they have to work with the disgraced coach again

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The return no one asked for.
The return no one asked for.
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When Urban Meyer first got hired to talk about football on TV for FOX, it was after he left Ohio State due to a scandal that he could have avoided if he weren’t such a trash human being. And since history loves to repeat itself, it looks like Urban Meyer is about to get hired to talk about football on TV for FOX — again — after he got fired from his last job due to multiple incidents that he could have avoided if he wasn’t such a trash human being.

According to multiple reports, FOX is close to bringing back the joke that is Urban Meyer. Last month’s rumors about the return of Meyer have now turned into “deep negotiations.” According to The Athletic’s media reporter, Richard Deitsch, “The thinking at Fox Sports, via network sources, is that they don’t view Meyer’s failure at the NFL level as an impediment to his returning to Fox. They know that the hire will be pilloried on social media.”

Translation: “FOX doesn’t give a f*ck how much of a calamity Meyer is, they believe he’s good TV.” This isn’t surprising given that this is the network of Trump.


When Meyer left for the NFL, FOX’s “Big Noon Kickoff” swapped him out for former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops to go along with Rob Stone, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, with the occasional appearance from Charles Woodson. And since the Big Ten and FOX have a partnership, the ability to have Woodson and Meyer discussing football on TV every Saturday in preparation for the Michigan/Ohio State game was a plus. With Meyer back on the market and Stoops off to coach in the XFL, a spot has opened up. But, even if it hadn’t, this was always a viable landing spot for Meyer since he’s the poster boy for how white men always get to “fail up.”

Every job has that one employee that people can’t stand. Part of being an adult is dealing with people you don’t like. But, over at FOX, is it fair to question if the network’s college football studio crew has the responsibility of keeping Urban Meyer off the air?


No. But, it wouldn’t hurt if they didn’t want Meyer around.

What if Reggie Bush put his foot down, or Matt Leinart wasn’t willing to show up to work if Meyer was hired? What if Brady Quinn or Rob Stone took to social media to voice their displeasure in having to work with the laughing stock of football?


Given the reports, and who runs the show over at FOX, none of these things would probably affect the final decision. But, it would feel good to know that Meyer is so disliked since that’s kind of what got him eventually fired in Jacksonville.

Besides, given all the wrong that Urban Meyer has done in his career, what’s the point of having him discussing things on TV as if he’s an expert, when he’s already shown us countless times that he’s incompetent?