Fox San Diego Sports Anchor Implies Danica Patrick Is A Bitch

Ross Shimabuku, Fox 5 San Diego's current sports anchor could teach a master class in subtlety. Of course, no one would know a thing about what "subtlety" means, but the arts are a dying skill anyway.


For some reason Shimabuku decided to let his feelings on Danica Patrick fly and they boil down to this scathing rejoinder to Patrick wondering aloud why folks can't think of a word, other than "sexy" to describe her: "Oh, I've got a few words—Starts with a ‘B', and it's not ‘beautiful." the lone female on set attempted to stick up for Patrick, but she was quickly disregarded.

Shimabuku then reminds everyone to make sure to watch Patrick in the Daytona 500, "right here on Fox 5." Unfortunately, you can't watch Patrick on Fox 5 San Diego, or any other Fox broadcast anymore ESPN today because she just crashed on lap 49. That's another "B" word, Ross. Bummer.

Stay Classy: San Diego Sports Anchor Stops Short Of Calling Danica Patrick A "Bitch" [Sports Rantz]