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The best thing about the relationship between Fox Sports and the UFC is that it works exactly the way you'd expect a relationship between Fox Sports and the UFC to work. This ensures that you can rely on Fox Sports to bring you the UFC content you want and need. Unsure what UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta's second-oldest kid is up to, and what he thinks of the haters? Fox Sports UFC writer Marc Raimondi has you covered right here: "UFC CEO's son earns scholarship offer from Notre Dame, addresses haters."

Really you should read the whole thing; it won't take long. Time is money, though, so we've pulled out the best and most informative lines for you.


On whether Lorenzo Fertitta and his family are winners:

Winning at life has clearly not skipped a generation in the Fertitta family.

On the haters, and whether they're going to be proved wrong:

In his tweet, Nicco said he was "proving the haters wrong." Well, of course he's going to have haters. His dad is extremely rich and eminently successful.

On the question of whether the Fertittas know how to do anything but win:

Do the Fertitta's know how to do anything but win?

On whether unnamed haters are probably going to put an asterisk on everything Lorenzo Fertitta's son accomplishes in life because of his last name:

Nicco is probably going to have to deal with people putting an asterisk on everything he accomplishes in his life because of his last name.


On whether unnamed haters should stop hating because the Fertitta family might give money to a college:

[D]on't you think the Fertittas will contribute to whatever program he ends up at, at least on some level?


Hopefully a follow-on will address the question of exactly how the Fertittas have overcome all the problems caused by being wealthy, charming, ruggedly handsome, and generously endowed.

[Fox Sports]

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