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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mike Florio stopped by Shepard Smith's show today to explain the Ben Roethlisberger case to Republicans, but first, Shep had to explain the Steve McNair case. Did you know that getting shot in the head is not a crime?

The final toxicology reports, released this week, say that McNair's blood alcohol level was over the legal limit when he died. Of course, he wasn't driving—-he was asleep on his couch, so that fact is mostly irrelevant. (Though I guess it explains why he was sound asleep.) But just to make sure the Fox News audience got the picture, The Shepard, in his best serious voice and sans teleprompter, broke it down thusly:

It is not illegal to be drunk, it is illegal to drink and drive ... and it's certainly not illegal to sit there and do nothing while you wait for your girlfriend to come and shoot you to death.


So true. By the way, Florio was so professional and dignified that there's nothing funny or embarrassing to show you from his segment. Alas....

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