Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Tarkenton blames one man for Minnesota's problems.

Fran Tarkenton joined 97.5 the Fanatic in Philadelphia to talk about who is more responsible for the implosion of this year's Vikings: Brett Favre or Brad Childress, the notion that Philadelphia fans would rather see Joe Webb play than Brett Favre, and why the Vikings' coach keeps letting Brett Favre play.

Who is more responsible for the implosion of this year's Vikings: Brett Favre or Brad Childress:
"It's Brett Favre. Brad Childress, how many games did he play? It's Brett Favre, here is the deal. Every coach is scared to death to coach a young quarterback, they are scared to death… So here is Childress and they won three straight playoff games with Gus Frerotte and Travis, whatever his name is, Tarvaris Jackson playing quarterback, their roster was so good, but he saw the chance, I can get Brett Favre. Now Green Bay gave up on him. Did they not? And the Jets gave up on him. Now, you have got a player right there in Philly. Does Andy Reid got a brain? I think he does, don't you? Andy Reid didn't know that Michael Vick was going to do as good as he did this year he was going to go with the other guy, Michael Vick, but he decided, because he coached there, that Donovan McNabb's day was gone. So Shanahan goes in there, he is a good coach, comes to Washington, Oh gosh, I have got to have a veteran quarterback, right? But then he finds out that isn't the deal. Let's go to Cleveland, Cleveland they have got a good football team. Holmgren and Mangini, they are not dumb! They went and got Jake Delhomme! Jake Delhomme from Carolina, who is as bad as it gets because he is a veteran. How has he done? Now you know who Minnesota will probably get next year? (HOST: Donovan McNabb.) That's it boys, because there are a lot of dumb people in professional football! That is why when you get a few smart ones like Andy Reid and Belichick they dominate!"

Whether Donovan McNabb will be snatched up by another team if the Redskins waive him:
"I think he will be snapped up, but Donovan McNabb, God bless him, and he has been a wonderful player and a wonderful leader and a good guy. His day is done. Brett Favre's day is done, and if you guys are lucky he will try again this week and you will beat him 40-10."

On the notion that Philadelphia fans would rather see Joe Webb play than Brett Favre:
"I wouldn't because Joe Webb has a better chance of beating him than Brett Favre, and I don't say that in a disparaging way, that is just the way it is. Tell me this, why in the world, you have got a franchise in Minnesota that is out of the playoffs, right? You have got a young quarterback and you know whether he can play and he has got a lot of ability, Joe Webb does. Doesn't it make sense, Favre is done, you have nothing to play for, that Webb gives them just as much a chance as Favre because Favre has broken down, but at least you get to see what this guy, what his progress is or isn't? This is a bonus for you to be able to do it. Why in the world would they play Brett Favre? Or would Brett Favre want to play? Is that what is best for the franchise going forward? I'm talking about the franchise of Minnesota. Is that best for the franchise when he is not going to be there after these last two games? Of course not. It's selfish! It's absolutely selfish! Brett Favre is not about, he talks about the team and I am for the team but I want to play for the home fans and my teammates. It was Monday Night Football last week… He hasn't had enough publicity in the last week, he has been on the bench for two weeks. It is not right. He ought to keep himself out of the equation and say, this is not best for the team."


Why the Vikings' coach keeps letting Brett Favre play:
"That is a great question. I think they are scared. I think they are all scared to death and Lesley Frazier seems to be a nice guy. I met him for the first time the other night but Leslie Frazier is drinking the juice too. I am scared to play this young guy and I need to get as many wins as I can to maybe get them to want me to be their next coach. So, it's again, you got to have, you got to look to the future of the franchise. If your head coach is going to decide who gets laughed at, who you play, who you don't, they are looking for today, not the future of the franchise and I understand that. Somebody in leadership has got to say, this is not good for the franchise. The franchise needs to move forward. We need to start looking for a quarterback today and we need to see if Joe Webb can play or not and where is he in his development?"

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