Franco Harris's tireless quest to win Joe Paterno his job back pretty much went the way everyone not named Franco Harris knew it would. As reported earlier today, Harris's dedication to Penn State's morally complicit former coach is so great he made a show of sacrificing his own noble calling as a casino spokesman, hopped in a car with his wife, and drove all the way from Pittsburgh to State College. As a curious nation chuckled in awe and shook its head in wonder, Harris hoped to convince Penn State president Rodney Erickson and the university's Board of Trustees to change their mind about firing Paterno, which had been the board's decision.

Well, Harris was spotted this evening at a State College eatery called the Diner, where he was seated "at a big table of Penn State officials," according to a Twitter account provided by the blog Onward State.

It is not known with whom Harris met, or what was discussed at these high-level talks. All we have is a list of quotes Onward State attributed to Harris afterward, which appear here in chronological order:

"I'm going to call every member of the Board of Trustees (starting tomorrow) to see if they want to rehire Joe."


Could have done that from Pittsburgh and saved yourself the three-hour trip.

"I think the Board of Trustees have wanted Joe gone for years."

Let's assume that's true. What, exactly, was your little crusade going to do to sway them?

"We can defend Joe and we can defend child abuse. We can do both."

Wait. What? Oh, right. He wasn't defending child abuse. His logic is just so obtuse he thinks he can be against child abuse while simultaneously defending the guy who looked the other way while it allegedly continued to take place all around him for years.

Franco said he invited Rodney Erickson & [Steve Garban, the chairman of the Board of Trustees], but they didn't show. When asked why the Diner, he joked, "I enjoy a good Sticky Bun."


Enough to drive all the way from Pittsburgh to accomplish little more than eating one, apparently.