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Frank Clark Injures Teammate With "Flying Punch"

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Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark was kicked off the practice field yesterday after injuring left tackle Germain Ifedi in a fight. There isn’t any video footage of the fight, but according to writers who were on the scene, Clark hit Ifedi with a fairly devastating punch.


The News Tribune’s Gregg Bell has the blow-by-blow account. According to Bell, the scuffle started during one-on-one pass rushing drills, and didn’t originally involve Clark or Ifedi. Both players rushed into the fray after Rodney Coe threw Will Pericak into a water bucket, and that’s when Clark unleashed what sounds like a wrestling move on Ifedi:

Then Ifedi, not in for the next snap, charged into a gaggle of defensive ends and tackles standing off the side of the drill. That’s when Clark jumped in, as if off a top rope of a pro wrestling ring.

But his flying punch was absolutely real. And damaging.

Ifedi briefly stayed down on the field, and eventually walked off with trainers while bleeding from the mouth.


This is the second fight Clark has been in this week. On Tuesday, he got into it with Luke Joeckel. After yesterday’s fight, head coach Pete Carroll told reporters that he was “really disappointed” about what happened:

The Seahawks drafted Clark in the second round of the 2015 draft after he was kicked off the Michigan team for allegedly punching his then-girlfriend in the face.

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