Frank McCourt Is Basically Charlie Sheen, At This Point

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Kind-of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt toured cable television yesterday, pleading his case. Here are some of the things he said. They are totally not the ramblings of a man who has lost all money and control.

First of all, there shouldn't be an investigation. But if there is an investigation, I welcome it. Because the more you see, the more you're going to like. We run a great franchise.

I just want to access my capital. That's all I want. I want to sit and talk about it, that's all.

What is the rule, uh, what is wrong with an individual investing his own money into the team? What's not in the best interest of baseball for an owner to invest his own money in the team?

I've got half a dozen calls into Bud Selig over the past several weeks, and he hasn't returned those calls. I don't know why he's ducking me, but in my experience, when there's a problem, you sit down and you talk about it. Without communication, you're not going to solve anything.

I've presented a multi-billion-dollar media transaction which is ready to be signed, by Fox, and the Dodgers, which infuses almost $300 million into the team immediately. I don't know how you investigate a team that's meeting all of the rules and regulations.

Our transaction is on Bud Selig's desk. The only thing standing between us and closing is Bud Selig, at this point.

Divorce is a very difficult thing, and, as a working-class kid from outside of Boston, I never thought I was going to get divorced.

I want to talk to Bud, and I want to know why he's ducking me. I'm here to solve a problem, not make a problem, and you know, we'll deal with the next steps if he says. I can't make a person talk to me and can't make a person focus on the issue.

Via ESPN Los Angeles and Bloomberg.

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