Fred Smoot Has A New Disgusting Term To Explain The Love Boat

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Former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot, late of double-donging two hookers while on the Vikings sex boat, is trying to make it big in the D.C. sports-talk-radio biz now, and accordingly he's spilling everywhere he can. Spilling his stories. Jeez. You're gross. He did an ask me anything on Reddit today, with lots of boring answers, but of course the sex boat came up and provided us with an unexpected thrill.

He spit out his usual line about the party being the most overrated of his life, and then he offered this:

NotaRageComic:I heard Bryant McKinnie picked a girl up, put her on the bar and ate her out on the bar and that's overrated?!? You throw some crazy parties.

FredSmoot21: we call that runnin through the okra patch!

Runnin' through the okra patch. RUNNIN' THROUGH THE OKRA PATCH. Thank you, Fred Smoot.