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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Chase Mejia was set to play WR at Kansas State, but he may have found a career more his style. I think you can guess which career from the (very cropped) photo.


We've got to give credit to Herm's Perm for doing the legwork (and possibly some handwork) on this story. Because they went to high school with Mejia, they wanted to track his college football career.

Initially committed to Northern Illinois, he transferred to FCS Missouri State and then Kansas State. But when he didn't show up on the Wildcats rosters, a helpful tipster sent them a link to a website. An adults-only website. Where someone bearing a striking resemblance to Mejia plays a starring role.


I won't give the link, but here's the description of this specific escapade:

A couple of beers and a game of spin the bottle leads to hot girl-on-girl action and the whole room fucking like dude even eats a slice of pizza while getting head!

Damn. Well, K State has confirmed that Mejia's no longer with the team, and his Facebook status (before he set it to private) read:

fuck all the haters, you're only young once, live with no regrets, i got paid 1500 and a free trip to miami so fuck you guys HAHAHAHAHA."


So who knows? I can't say with certainty if this is really him, but I'm in no danger of ruining his life by reporting this. If anything, I'm running the risk of making him the most awesome guy on campus.

Real Life Hung Story Ready for the HBO Rewrite [Herm's Perm]

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