Now this is no home-field advantage oncesoever: when a stray Florida Gators fan broke out the car keys to make noise in the face of an FSU Seminoles (and when the hell did this start? And do Cameron Crazies linger over the BMW keychain as they shake them at UNC fans?) in Tallahassee yesterday, the Seminoles fan did what every sane person would do: take away the toy of the naughty Gator fan. Of course, now that fan could be charged with "robbery by sudden snatching". What happened? Did the Gator fan think the keys didn't exist anymore because he or she couldn't see them?

The FSU police are still considering how to charge the Seminoles fan. How about "not at all"? We're just going out on a limb here. We're not a member of Deadspin, LLC. We're just thinking... "not at all" seems like a reasonable charge. Could we try that?

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