Fuck That, Give Cooper Kupp This Touchdown

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Cooper Kupp became God—or Marshawn Lynch, take your pick—for 66 yards against the Saints on Sunday when he turned a slew of failed strip attempts and bad tackles into one of the most impressive near-touchdown runs you’ll see this year.

Cooper Kupp TD

Of course, the No Fun League ultimately lived up to its name and the officials determined he was one yard short of the goal line, erasing the week’s best touchdown. Even lamer was the fact that Sean McVay decided that the person who deserved to punch it in for the score was Jared Goff of all people, which is some grade-A bullshit. McVay should have called an end-around play for Kupp—or, hell, maybe even a Philly Special with Kupp throwing it—and provided his stud receiver with the touchdown he deserved.