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We're not the only Web dorks who love making fun of Joe Morgan's sporadic ESPN chats ... but that doesn't mean we don't love it the most.

Our favorite quotes:

I would think [the Cubs] would have to change their direction. They have put all their eggs on Prior and Wood. They have to go in a different direction.

I think [Andruw Jones could win the MVP]. That shouldn't be a deterrant. If you are an MVP, you're BA doesn't really matter. Gibson won it for the Dodgers with a low average and low RBI's. It's MOST VALUABLE .. not MOST VALUABLE STATISTICAL PLAYER.

You're pretty smart, Doug. It seems when the A's play well, it's Billy Beane. When they don't, it's Macha. Macha kep the ship afloat when they were so far under .500. He kept them pointed in the right direction. Last year, someone asked how I could say Macha was doing a great job when it was Beane who got him the players.

Frankly, this whole "Joe Morgan being friendly with the A's" thing is freaking us out a bit. Next thing you know, he's gonna start ripping on bunts.

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