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Since, like us, you're probably kind of grumpy about having to work today, we invite you to enjoy two videos that are all full of holiday goodness.

Mike Tyson singing Christmas carols with Jimmy Kimmel. Since Kimmel has cornered the market on Mike Tyson mockery โ€” hey, Jimmy, once he realizes you're jerking him around, he's gonna beat the shit out of you; you know that, right? โ€” we feel obliged to point out this little "skit." Hey, Jimmy: Keep Sarah away from Kid Dynamite, OK? Just saying.
When Steelers Go WWE. Some fan ran on the field during the Browns-Steelers game, and Pittsburgh's James Harrison did what he could to make sure it doesn't happen again. Pretty solid body slam, if you ask us.

So yeah, some video roundup goodness. In case you're done freebasing the extra eggnog.