Voicemail: Furious Fantasy Owner Threatens To Come Get His Money Back

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If you've played fantasy football for long enough, you'll see nothing strange over a vetoed trade leading to one owner threatening to come over and beat up the league treasurer.

The owner of "$The Money Team$" sent along this voicemail message he received from the owner of "Wolfpack," along with this context:

"Wolfpack" was mad that a trade [Jimmy Graham and Alshon Jeffery for Julius Thomas and Dez Bryant] he had made was vetoed by the league. One of the reasons it was vetoed was that he accidentally voted against it himself. Next week he tried the trade again and it went through....Me & some others in the league didn't like that. So we began posting smack talk in group text messages about it, and I began posting messages on our league message board about it. Things about him being a shady league owner, him never paying his entry fee on time, him having no respect for the league, etc.

I was the one doing most of the smack talk and am also the "league treasurer" handling all the money involved with the league. We went back and forth for a while on each other talking smack in group text messages and on the league message board. Eventually I woke up one morning to 10 missed calls and that ridiculous angry voicemail rant of him going crazy demanding his and his brother's $150 back. Him and his brother both quit the league that day....Meanwhile me and the rest of the league thought it was hilarious and have adopted "24 fucking hours" as our new league motto.


There's only one way to settle this. Park fight!


Update: "Yes, with regret, we did give him the money back. We just wanted him out of the league and to go away."