Furries May Have Unwittingly Announced That Next Year's NHL Draft Will Be Held In Pittsburgh

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Here's the title of a post from The Hockey News this morning: "Rescheduling of 'Furry' convention in Pittsburgh points to Penguins hosting 2012 NHL Draft." Oh really? Go on:

The bumping up of a major niche convention in Pittsburgh lends credence to widespread rumors the city will host the 2012 NHL Draft.

The Penguins are known to be interested in hosting the draft, which would be held at the recently opened Consol Energy Center, but team has also stated it plans to hold a number of other events in the preceeding week if given the opportunity.

Because of the expansive nature of the planned festivities, the city required the use of its convention center, which had already been booked for the June 21 to 24 by Anthrocon, an annual gathering of Furries.

If you're not familiar with what a Furries Convention in Pittsburgh looks like, please take a look at this link. It's remarkable scenery.


Sure enough, there is a hint on the Furries website to that effect although the league has announced nothing yet. To wit:

Pittsburgh has been given a very rare opportunity to host an event that they have been wanting to host for many years. The only trouble was that the proposed event (and we won't say what it is until it is officially announced) would lie in part over Anthrocon's planned weekend.

The City approached Anthrocon very deferentially and asked us if we would consider moving our 2012 convention just one week earlier to help them realize their collective dream. As much as we love our adopted home city and would do anything in our power to support them, we were hesitant to change the date of our convention after having announced it.

Pittsburgh replied with, "What if we got you another hundred hotel rooms within walking distance of the Convention Center?"

We said, "Where do we sign?"

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