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The UFC held its first event in Chile on Saturday, and while the only Chilean fighter on the card lost and the main event was a a real stinker, fans who arrived reasonably early at least got to see a spectacular finish. Gabriel Benitez met Humberto Bandenay in the fourth fight of the evening, and the Mexican fighter dropped his Peruvian opponent real quick. After Bandenay scrambled to recover and tried for an armbar, Benitez lifted him off the ground and smashed his head into the canvas. It was a terrifying end to 39 seconds of fighting.


The referee seems to have taken a second too long to intervene, because it sure looks like Bandenay was cooked as soon as his head bounced off the ground. To his credit, Bandenay did the right thing after getting knocked down by reaching for whatever vulnerable part of Benitez he could to stop the hail of fists into his face, but there’s nothing you can do when your opponent brings you up into the sky.

Bandenay’s UFC fights only end in spectacular first-round knockouts, it seems.

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