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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Gael Monfils And Novak Djokovic Combine For A Strange 21-Shot Rally

Gael Monfils and Novak Djokovic began their U.S. Open semifinal today on strange terms, with Monfils showing few signs of life until the third set, which he won. Even at his most disengaged, though, the Frenchman is still good for a few entertaining points.

The 21-stroke rally starts slowly, with Monfils chipping back Djokovic’s pace until the Serbian finally gets one deep enough in the corner to approach, only to flub a few easy putaway volleys. That left Monfils just enough life to kiss the net cord on a jumping backhand down the line. I’m here for any and all jumping backhand winners, from Monfils or anyone else.


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