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Why you gots to pick on Delaware, bettors? Delaware never hurt no one. They were the first state. They don't charge income sales tax. It only takes like 20 minutes to drive through on your way to more important places. And now you're all gaming the system to bet NFL games, even though you're not technically allowed to? What did Delaware ever do to you?

Delaware (or "D-Ware" as it's known on the rougher streets of Wilmington) was allowed to grandfather in something similar to sports betting. You can do three-team parlays, but you can't make a single-game bet. It did not take long for the fine folks of The Vanilla State (I think that's its nickname) to figure out a way around it.


The loophole: you pick one game you want to wager on. You make four three-team parlays, all with the same "anchor bet" but with every possible outcome of the additional two games. In the end, you're risking $400 to win $300—a higher vig than normal, but not a problem for the true addict. Take that, Delaware.

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