OK, that's it. There can be no more Game-of-Thrones-as-sports shenanigans. We've officially reached the tipping point, because some dude named Dennis just emailed us to let us know that he and his friends have combined fantasy football and Game of Thrones to create "League of Thrones." Costumes were involved. He sent pictures.

Here is part of the email that Dennis sent us, in which he explains the idea behind the league:

Below is some basic information about the LOT, but it only scratches the surface in the amount of detail and ridiculousness that is our league. For example, at the conclusion of the season there will be a coronation party to crown the King (LOT champion). At the coronation the King decides whether to sentence the Lord that finished last-place to death (expel him from the league) or humiliate him by stripping his house name and forcing him to take the name of a bastard.

Here is an excerpt of the"scroll" I sent out on behalf of the Grand Maester (commissioner):
You have been summoned to join the LeagueofThrones, the most honorable fantasy league in all of the seven kingdoms. In other fantasy leagues, any grumpkin, snark, or fool doped up on milk of the poppy can just follow a cheatsheet and contend for a championship. The LeagueofThrones prohibits all types of print, lists, or technology during the draft. You'll only have your knowledge and manhood to rely upon during combat (the draft).

Each "Lord" (owner) was assigned a House based on personality trait. They were also encouraged to dress the part for the draft.

Aaaaand here are those pictures:

Shout out to the dudes not in costume for looking like they would rather be anywhere else on Earth.