Game Of Thrones: What Is It, Exactly?

When you learn the hosts didn’t watch any episodes of the show.
When you learn the hosts didn’t watch any episodes of the show.
Photo: HBO

The fact of the matter is that no one really knows what Game of Thrones is. Some say it was a television program that was good for a while and then bad for a while, but even those supposedly informed people disagree on how much of it was good. We would do well to disregard those opinions and those opinion-havers wholesale; they will be of no use to us in this work. Others argue that Game of Thrones is a series of books by a New Jersey man who wears unfortunate hats in public and gets upset about the Giants online, but they too offer no definitive proof. Given that the aforementioned description also broadly describes me, it seems reasonable to disregard this entirely, as well. And so we are right back where we started.


Because the Deadcast is above all else a journalistic endeavor, and because neither Drew nor I have seen more than a few minutes of this allegedly popular television program, we brought on resident Game of Thrones expert Luis Paez-Pumar to tell us what we missed and why everyone was so upset about it all. Of course there are great deal of spoilers involved in all that, so if you had somehow never watched the show and planned to binge it now that no one cares about it anymore, you should skip ahead from the conclusion of our Frank Chat About Juuls at around five minutes to the 36-minute mark, which is when we stop talking about it.

It was instructive, and I think that both Drew and I were happy to have learned just how much incest there really was in all this. I didn’t know that you all were so into that, but I hope you enjoyed your show! I know everything about it now. My favorite character is, uh, Piff.

The Funbag, as it often does, came as a relief. After all the political jockeying and epic violence and broadsword stuff, it was refreshing to be confronted with the manias and brain demons of our listenership. After our long journey through Westeros, it felt good to get back to what we do best—dueling awful Robert Kraft imitations, deep exegeses of shitty baseball player personal styling, a brief assessment of Macho Man Randy Savage’s minor league baseball career, and a respectful debate Donald Trump’s inability to use chopsticks. There is so much to learn, always.

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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.