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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It's always a sign that you've made it as a footballer when an emotional European teenager makes a Youtube compilation dedicated to your finest moments, featuring either Nickelback, a defiant Eminem number, or something thrilling and operatic as the soundtrack.


So, well done Gareth Bale (above).

Plus, it's not just awe-inspired tech-wizards having their trousers tightened by the career peaking Spurs man—Brian Flynn, described in today's Mirror as the player's "mentor"—drew a very rich comparison with a certain Mr. Messi. He said this:

"If you look at all the ingredients needed to be a top player, he is up there in a lot of the brackets."

"I judge players in three key areas: attitude, intelligence and ability where he excels in them all."

"There are a lot of players who are quick but his left-foot is as good as anyone."

"Comparisons with Messi wouldn't faze him a little bit."

Has he got a point? Let us know with a comment.

This post, written by Josh Burt, is republished with permission from The Spoiler. Go there often if you like soccer stuff.


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