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Gators vs. Patriots: 11:49, Second Half

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I didn't catch much of the halftime, but man... Adam Morrison is hurting. They gave him the Chevrolet Player of the Year, and I think the man is clinically depressed. He looked down, talked softly, had nothing to say, and he hasn't washed his hair in over a month. I feel like writing him a letter and telling him that he still has a lot to live for.

Just as Jim Nantz warns that George Mason could come out and light things up, Florida hits two straight three balls to push the lead to 11.


Make that lead 15 at the 15:00 timeout. Mason has yet to score here in the second half, and they're now facing their biggest deficit of the tournament.

And now Mason's taking bad shots. Not like them. The lead is 17. Uh oh.

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