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Gators vs. Patriots: Halftime

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I was wrong about the new batch of commercials, by the way. The lame Southwest "Wanna get away?" commercials are back in the rotation, as is that fucking Capitol One angel.

Mason's got a chance to take the lead here, on an 18-9 stretch. They don't do it, but it's very difficult to picture them ever being out of striking distance in this one.


If you looked just at uniforms, you'd easily be able to tell which team was in the big conference, and which team was in the smaller conference. Mason's uniforms are pretty ugly.

Craig Littlepage catches a George Mason player who goes barrelling into the press table. Someone should get a picture, frame it, have Littlepage autograph it and send it to Billy Packer.

Florida hits a three, and then Mason turns it right back over on the inbounds pass. Not to go all Doug Collins on you, but closing out the half is so important.

They escape without further damage, and Florida takes a 5-point lead into the half. We should have a hell of a 2nd half here.

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