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Gauging Your Women's Sports Interest

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If you're not adequately impressed by the countdown clock ESPN's giving us for the Rutgers-Tennessee women's national championship game tonight — here's something weird; in women's hoops, they have the professional draft the day after the national title game — then here's a sporting event that's probably more to your taste: Women's Thai prison boxing.

Under the gaze of dozens of prison guards, Samson Sor Siriporn, a convicted drug dealer, battled through the unforgiving Thai heat to score a unanimous victory on points and kick-start parole proceedings for her early release. "I've been in jail for a long time now, I hope this will see me released early," said Siriporn, flanked by guards and surrounded by photographers. "When I'm free I'll carry on fighting. I want to fight all over the world."

Fighting in a makeshift ring in the grounds of the infamous Klong Prem prison with the Thai crowd chanting "fight, fight," Siriporn was on the attack from the start and repeatedly forced Miyano on to the ropes with a barrage of punches. Siriporn's sparring partners also watched the fight, while transvestites in high heels and skimpy outfits were allowed out of their cells to parade around the ring with placards at the beginning of each round.

Honestly, this was a logical direction boxing was going anyway. Whether you'd rather watch this or watch the women's NCAA title game might say something about you. Not good, not bad ... just something.

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