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Gawker Media My Fusion Site Is 'Huge F'ing Deal'

Deadspin commenter yates shared a totally unprompted Tweet about his My Fusion Site. And he's made some excellent choices. Create your own Gawkmodo or Jalopspin or Kotako9 today!

With My Fusion Site, you can elect to read your favorite content from any combination of Gawker Media titles, all on one page. Click here to get started!


yates's My Fusion Site gives him Gawker top stories, Gizmodo reviews, Bestmodo, Lifehacker's downloads, DIY, and MacOS, Jalopnik's concept cars, io9's morning spoilers and concept art, and all the damn stories on Deadspin. All in one place. Oops, almost forgot—and Jezebel's tabloid roundups at Midweek Madness. Busted!

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