In what's easily the most fucking reprehensible news to come out of the Jerry Sandusky affair outside of the actual offenses Sandusky's alleged to have committed, gay video online store is promoting a "What Would Sandusky Watch?" series, featuring films with titles like Cold Showers and Punish Me. Here's one synopsis:

When a schoolteacher discovers that the beguiling teen prostitute he once hired is now a student at his school, a scandalous series of events, queer schoolboy drama and lots of nearly-naked shower room scenes ensue. Schoolboy Crush is a Japanese animated film come to life.

There's actually some good movies on the list, including The Basketball Diaries and Mala Noche, films that have no business being associated with something so loathsome.

But what's most morally bankrupt is the description of the series itself by "Robby O." Does he think he's somehow being clever suggesting he'd send a family member to be raped by a monster? Taken to another level, Robby O.'s feeding the false stereotype of gay folks as pedophiles, one fought for centuries and one that's been used to justify violence against gays and lesbians.

Advertisement is on Twitter with an account that's run by a human being. Robby O might be, too, and if you're interested in tracking him down and telling him that a Jerry Sandusky film festival's not okay here's some more information about him.