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Geno Smith To Jeering Jets Fan: "Fuck You"

Not only did Geno Smith lose today, but the Jets crowd booed the quarterback and chanted "We want Vick" as the Lions won. Smith, who completed 17 of 33 passes with a touchdown and two turnovers, wasn't happy after the game, and chose to respond to a Jets fan with a "fuck you." A nearby camera from WLNY caught Smith's comments on video.

The quarterback quickly regretted what he said, apologizing in his postgame presser to any children who saw him say "Fuck you."


"I kind of let my temper get the best of me in that situation, and it's a part of my learning process," Smith said.

Fans are fed up; Smith is fed up. This'll be forgotten in a couple of days. Smith's performance won't. If he improves, on the other hand, no one will care if he walks up to the end zone seats after every touchdown and shoves his middle finger in someone's face. Well, the league office would have something to say, but you get the point. A jamoke in the stands isn't in charge of the depth chart.



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