George Karl's Lawyer Is Not Making His Client's Life Any Easier

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It's official: Fire George Karl has the potential to be the next Fire Ron Zook. Ever since the site went live less than a month ago, it has caused nothing but headaches to the Nuggets coach ... and now his lawyer is getting involved. In the most embarrassing fashion possible ... for him and his client, anyway.

Site proprietor Andrew Feinstein received the following email in his mailbox last week, from Bret Adams, attorney at Adams, Babner & Gitlitz, whose site can be found right here.

Is your life really this boring and meaningless that you would spend the hours necessary to create such a website?

As Coach Karl's counsel I am putting you on notice that I will sue you into bankruptcy should you cross the boundaries of permissible speech.


Oooh! Big scary lawyer man!

From all accounts, this appears to be an actual email from an actual attorney, which is kind of depressing, actually.


This is the best possible way to make a story go away. Good work, Bret Adams! If Karl is ultimately let go by the Nuggets, you've just assured that Fire George Karl will be mentioned in the obituary. Now that's lawyerin'!

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