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George Maloof Chased Into A Closet

A person in charge of a professional sports franchise worth hundreds of millions of dollars ran away from reporters and tried to hide in a closet. That is the story you are currently reading.

Not long ago this evening, the NBA voted 22-8 against the Maloofs' proposed relocation of the Kings franchise to Seattle. And then George Maloof bolted for the nearest door.

"We will talk to the Maloofs, and seek in the next 24 to 48 hours whether we can help facilitate an agreement to be signed between the Ranadive group and the Maloofs for the sale of the franchise in Sacramento," Stern said."It is my expectation that we'll be able to make a deal with the Maloofs and the Ranadive group to transfer title of the team in Sacramento. It's not a certainty, but we're going to work on that result."


The decision ends over two years of uncertainty for Sacramento and ushered in one of the weirder owner/media meltdown moments in some time.


The NBA: where amazing something out of fucking Scooby Doo happens.

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