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George Mason Makes The World A Better Place

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Obviously, we'll be talking about this all week, but we'd just like to start off by saying a world in which George Mason can beat Michigan State, North Carolina and Connecticut in the span of a week is a world we feel newly invigorated about living in.

The nice thing about George Mason is that it's impossible to overhype them; we will never get sick of George Mason, because we still know nothing about them. Everything is novel, everything is unexpected, everything is exactly what we love about sports. And that they've pulled this off without getting cute is even better; no last-second jumpers, no friendly referees, no lousy games by their opponents. They've just lined up, man-to-man, and kicked ass. Four times now.


Sure, it destroyed everyone's brackets — except for these two weirdos — but this is what we wanted. Aren't you about three times more likely to watch that game that you would have if it's Connecticut vs. Florida?

George Mason Fever. We have caught it. How can you not?

Front Row At The George Mason-UConn Classic [Mr. Irrelevant]

(By the way, that's a picture of a fan taken at the Verizon Center yesterday, saying he was wearing his "Gilly Suit," whatever that means.)

(UPDATE: We're told a Gilly Suit is "sniper camoflage." Perfect for the Verizon Center, we suppose.)

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