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In March 2006, we — Rick, actually — wrote, about the announcement of George Mitchell's steroid panel, "it would seem any investigation would have to be so wide-ranging that Bonds could either surpass Ruth and Aaron or retire before it can be completed." We thought that was ridiculous, and we believe we told Rick so. Whoops. That was March 2006.


Apparently, though, almost a year-and-a-half later — which, frankly, isn't all that long — Mitchell apparently finally has something. And it's all thanks to Kirk Radomski (pictured), that old clubhouse attendant who gave all those steroids to the players in the '90s.

One person familiar with some of Mitchell's findings said people are going to be "very surprised'' by how much Mitchell has learned about baseball's steroid past. While Mitchell has interviewed hundreds of people, Radomski is believed to have provided the juiciest new details — by far. Radomski is said by federal authorities to have been a supplier of steroids to current and former major leaguers between 1995 and 2005 after previously working as a Mets clubby and batboy.

Jon Heyman's report goes on to say that, "it remains to be seen whether Mitchell will make some or all of the names known in his final report;" if they don't give out the names, we're not quite sure of the point. We still find it kind of amazing that of all the presumed hundreds of people who gave out steroids to players in the '90s, they found just one who would talk. So yeah: Better hope he wasn't your dealer.

Ex-Mets Clubby Talks To Mitchell []

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