Georgia Football Players Celebrate Number 1 Ranking With Bar Brawl; Public Urination

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You could totally see this coming. The Georgia summer semester ends on the same weekend that Georgia gets the number one ranking in the Coaches' Poll. And you expect college football players to behave themselves? Son, when were you born? Two Georgia players were treated at a hospital after being struck by beer bottles in a bar fight. Then their former teammate, who was already kicked off the team, was arrested outside the hospital for public intox and knocking over trash cans. At the same time another teammate, the long snapper, was arrested for public urination. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Athens-Online has our details on the bar fight:

Bulldogs Donavon Baldwin and Marcus Dowtin apparently were hit in the head with bottles in the early-morning dust-up, which broke out of a crowded scene inside the Clayton Street bar The Library, Athens-Clarke police said.

This happened at the library? Wow. Oh, okay, The Library—where hot girls wear skirts and dance on the bar and the alcohol flows like a river and no drink costs more than $2.50. The better question might be, why weren't we all there? Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has your details on the public urination from long snapper, Jeff Henson.

Henson was arrested after an Athens-Clarke county police officer saw a "very intoxicated" Henson urinating on the wall of a bank building. Reached by telephone Saturday evening, Henson was contrite: "There's no excuse for being out the weekend before camp."


Public urination? Please. This was merely Henson's artistic statement on the value of mortgages held by Athens' banks. This is the 8th Georgia football team arrest since the start of 2008. UGa fans just want the damn season to get here before the entire team is ineligible. Trust me, every college football football fan has been there. Somewhere UGA VI is crying. Police investigating bar brawl; ex-Dog arrested at hospital [Online-Athens] Two Bulldogs hospitalized after brawl [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]