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Steven Nelson is a cornerback for the College of the Sequoias, and as a three-star recruit on is one of the more anticipated juco transfers coming out after this season. He committed to Georgia back in February, but is keeping his options open and touring other interested schools. He reportedly loved his visit to Lubbock last month the Visalia Times-Delta wrote last week that he had changed his commitment to Texas Tech.

That wasn't particularly true, Nelson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He called it "false information" and claims he "thought about pressing charges."


But the report was out there long enough for one denizen of DawgVent, the message board, to get worried. So the fan called up Nelson.

"I get phone calls almost every day from college recruiters and reporters," Nelson said. "He called me up, and I forgot what his name was. The way he was talking, I thought he was a reporter, so I stayed on the phone. He was just trying to convince me to stay with Georgia, told me how good of a player I was, and wished me a good year."

The fan then went on the message boards and Twitter to brag about talking with Nelson. warned the user, then banned him, then alerted Georgia's SID about the possible transgression. It's not clear if there was a violation here—the bylaws hazily define a booster as "a representative of the institution's athletics interests," and there's also a rarely enforced ban on fans lobbying recruits—but UGA is going to make sure. Jim Booz, from Georgia's compliance office, told the Journal-Constitution:

"There are five things that make someone become a booster, and one of them is if a fan is assisting in the recruiting of a prospect on Social Media, or over the telephone, or in person. If they solicit the enrollment of a prospect, then that's a violation of NCAA rules."


At worst, Georgia might have to report a secondary violation, which really shouldn't be held against them. If they were to face punishment, expect a rash of false flag recruit calls, from people pretending to be fans of rival schools. The SEC never misses a trick

Overzealous "UGA fan" calls recruit about his commitment status with Bulldogs [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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