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Georgia Men's Basketball Has Policies Against Orgies And Gangbangs

Thanks to a few University of Maryland journalism students' public records requests, we know what one collegiate athletic program expects from its players' fucking habits, among other activities.

The Student Press Law Center published the students' findings from various colleges around the country. The majority of the available guidelines are mundane, like sternly reminding athletes not to screw around on social media—we already know people are hired to monitor that stuff—but the most interesting set of rules belonged to the Georgia Bulldogs men's basketball team, led by head coach Mark Fox. The section delves into what not to do in terms of sex.

To be clear, the section titled "Treat women with respect" mostly contains responsible, obvious advice, but some of it is weirdly detailed:

-No means no, date rape is a serious issue.

-You don't own your girlfriend.

-Stay out of gray areas, Orgies and gang bangs are inappropriate.

-Never assault or intimidate a woman.

-Birth control is your responsibility too

-Don't spend all your energy in the bed all night

-Hicky's/passion marks should not be ever noticed by coaches

-One. Not two or three girlfriends...

Ugh, Dad. It's called a hickey. (Also, college students still get hickeys?)

On a non-fucking note, the sheet states that dorm rooms can be checked at any time because the team pays for them. Also, "Apartment parties not recommended."

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