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Gervinho Rejects Your Conventional Belief In Teammates

It’s been a few years since Ivorian winger, and FIFA 15 cheat code, Gervinho, made headlines with something he’s done on a pitch. After making the move to China in 2016, where he ruptured his knee in training after 10 months, fans haven’t had a reason to really think about him since his game-winning goal against Japan in the 2014 World Cup. But Gervinho is back on a European side with Serie A team Parma Calcio, and he’s playing like his true sweaty FIFA form.


Gervinho’s return to Italy might be just what he needs to revitalize his career. He netted just four goals over 29 appearances in two years in China so he’ll need scoring opportunities to regain his form. Parma fits in perfectly with this role because of its defensive style that allows for players like Gervinho to break on the counter and score beauties like this, for example. If Parma continues to win games, even with 78-22 splits in possession in favor of its opponents, he’ll certainly get the boost he’s looking for.

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