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Get Ready For Tebow's First And Only Super Bowl Appearance

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A Christian right group has tapped the QB and his mother for a 30-second spot to air on the Super Bowl. The group's track record and the Tebows' story tell us that this ad will not be without controversy.


Focus on the Family, which is something called a "media ministry," shot the ad with Pam and Tim Tebow this week. The content is closely guarded, but a spokesman said they will share a family story. Speculation surrounds the old chestnut about how doctors advised Pam to have an abortion or risk a life-threatening pregnancy. She refused, and months later, she gave birth to a future Heisman and BCS Trophy winning son.

Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger would not divulge the content but told the newspaper that Tebow agreed to appear in the ad because he feels strongly about his pro-life convictions


Now, before we get all our panties in a bunch, let's keep in mind that CBS has the right to reject the ad, and has done so before with similar messages. And being overtly religious wouldn't make Tebow an anomaly in the NFL. Still, one wonders if a player whose talent will be considered borderline come draft day wouldn't be wise to keep out of any controversies in the meantime.

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