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Honestly, one of our favorite parts of doing this job is checking out the comments: We are proud to say that we have the smartest, most thoughtful and hilarious commenters on this little sports corner of the Interweb, and we thank you for it. And yes, we're kissing your ass.

But, like a meth addict scratching at a tiny mole he's forgotten he was born with, we just can't stop ourselves. We want more, more! Thus, we'd like to remind anyone checking out the site who doesn't have a commenter login to drop us a line at If you're unsure how comments work around here, check out our Deadspin Comments FAQ.


But let us know. We'd love to have you in the club. As Confucius said, "There ain't no party like a Deadspin party, 'cause a Deadspin party don't stop." (We're paraphrasing.)

Deadspin Comments FAQ [Deadspin]

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