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Just to be cheap and pile on, we found this site which allows you to "become a Dale and Thomas popcorn affiliate. According to the site:

• "Popcorn is versatile. It's interactive. Some people like it simple, others prefer it decadent. There's something for everyone."
• "Popcorn is emotional. It makes people feel good."
• "The popcorn revolution is growing."


So, yeah, there's that. Even as people make compelling defenses of Isiah's likability, we still can't help but shake our heads at the continued incompetence. Not that it's not always incredible to watch.

But seriously: One year is all it's gonna take. We can't wait.

By the way, we find it amazing that Isiah didn't find a spot for Syracuse's undrafted Gerry McNamara. Must have been the damned college newspaper reporters who got him.

Dale And Thomas Popcorn [Official Site]