We are trying to decide which part of this story is the saddest and most indicative of how our planet is in an irreversible downward incline. (Or, you know, "decline," if you want to say that in fewer words.) Tonight, in Brandon, Mo., The Amateur Boxing Club of Branson โ€” such a thing exists โ€” is hosting its monthly Fight Night, and, to "promote" it, there will be a special appearance by both Tommy Morrison and Tonya Harding. We find it unfathomable that Tonya Harding will be attending a boxing event and be the second-biggest freakshow there.

Neither will be fighting โ€” or, for that matter, fighting each other. They will just be standing around, being Tommy Morrison, being Tonya Harding, in Branson.



The Biggest Event In Branson Ever [GO Blog]