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Ghanaian Soccer Star Denies Rumors He Ritually Sacrificed Rapper Friend

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In the second confrontation—the first involving kicking the shit out of a journalist for inquiring on the subject—of rumors that Asamoah Gyan had his old friend, the rapper Castro, ritually sacrificed to benefit his career, the Gyan family has released a long statement denying the allegations.


The statement, which can be read in its entirety here, is broken down into four parts: "The Disappearance of Castro and Janet Bandu," where the family's lawyer lays out in great detail the circumstances of Castro's disappearance; "Wild Allegations and Rumours," which, just read the headline; "The Daniel Kenu Affair," Daniel Kenu being the aforementioned inquisitive journalist and the "affair" being the resulting beat down; and finally "Media Relations," a call for cooler heads to prevail in the future.

The first section is pretty straight forward. The Gyan brothers and quite a few friends (including the lawyer who wrote the statement, as it is written from his perspective) were on their annual end-of-soccer-season vacation. The statement tells us about the numerous volleyball games the friends partook in, as well as noting how Baffour Gyan, Asamoah's brother, "shot up" from his resting position on land to warn Castro that his girlfriend, Bandu, who had just hopped on the back of his jet ski, was not wearing a life vest.

The "Wild Allegations and Rumours" sections is more interesting. It starts by pointing out that much of the response in the aftermath of Castro's death was empathetic to Gyan, who had recently lost his mother, as well. Then, it takes the sensationalist media to task:

Sadly, the expression of empathy during a person's moment of grief and utter dismay does not sell in the media. What sells in the media, and what indeed sold and is still selling in the media in Ghana are wild allegations and rumours directed especially at Asamoah Gyan – ranging from the absurd – of the imputation of criminality to him in the sense that he either murdered Castro or had him kidnapped – and ending with the ludicrous – that he sacrificed him spiritually to enhance his career.


We have been silent while these wild allegations and rumours have been peddled in the media. We have been silent not because we are concealing anything or that we do not feel the need to fully state what, from our reckoning, had happened in Ada. We have been silent because we did not want to interfere with police investigations and recently the leveling of assault charges against Baffour Gyan and Samuel Anim Addo, sealed our mouths further. [...]

In our painful silence, we have been totally dismayed by the fact that the platform was provided for the peddling of these wild and ludicrous allegations and rumours against us. Those to whom the platform was provided offered no evidence whatsoever to back their statements. And indeed, the allegation of spiritual sacrifice can by no stretch of the imagination be propped up.

From there, the lawyer takes on certain parties who have offered vague statements tending to implicate Gyan:

The startling development has been the outbursts of persons who should know better. Indeed, one such person has gone has far as to claim that he knows where Castro is being kept and that Asamoah Gyan also knows where Castro is being kept. He also made the unfortunate statement that we have bribed Castro's family to keep silent over the matter. Castro's father has publicly denied this. This is no way to treat grieving families and friends.

If this person has knowledge of such wonderful information, we encourage him to report his findings immediately to the police. It will better serve the purpose of the families of Castro and Janet Bandu. If he has been unable to do this all this while, then his statements are, to put it charitably, mischievous or calculated to earn him very cheap popularity.


This party, though unnamed, is undoubtedly Reverend Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom, a self-proclaimed prophet that heads a popular Ghanaian church. He's been dropping hints that he knows the "real" story but wouldn't say anything more until either Castro's or Bandu's families came to him personally.

All of that seems like a pretty reasonable, if at times ridiculous-sounding account of what most likely happened. Then we get to the "Daniel Kenu Affair," which is a little less forthright:

On hindsight, it seems to us that Daniel Kenu was not actuated by malice. Perhaps he meant well and on an occasion different from the one in which the question was posed, it may not have evoked the emotional response it did. And perhaps we should have taken the opportunity to lay to rest these wicked allegations and rumours. However, the question caused Asamoah Gyan great distress. And the debate will forever rage as to the propriety or otherwise of the question.

Yet our reaction to the question could have been better handled. We should have just ignored him and we wished we had done just that.

We deeply regret one thing. We regret the presence of Baffour Gyan at the location where Daniel Kenu was roughed up. He was still fuming over Daniel Kenu's question posed to his brother earlier. And he confronted him angrily. A few unhappy words were spoken in the heat of the situation. We regret this incident especially because it created an avenue for some young men, who were present, to rough the journalist up. Baffour Gyan ought to have known that some of these young men are prone to fighting causes for football stars and his angry outburst at Daniel Kenu may unintentionally send a signal to them to get physical. We apologize for Baffour Gyan's angry outburst at Daniel Kenu. It was uncalled for and we believe it will not be repeated.


Baffour Gyan "ought to have known" the crew he rolled up on Kenu with might think shouting at the man they were looking for was a greenlight for a "roughing up"? Pretty low standard, if you ask us, though the police did drop all charges against him.

It ends with a peace offering between the Gyans, their posse, and the media:

We condemn Daniel Kenu's roughing up. And we condemn any physical attack on journalists. Aside their own given football gift, the Gyan brothers are who they are because of the media. And despite the heavy criticisms leveled against them in the media in respect of their failings, they have always had a commendable working relationship with the media until the Daniel Kenu incident. Asamoah Gyan has a bit more of football time. And he will always need the media to cover his games, especially as he captains the Black Stars.

We humbly call for a truce between the Gyan brothers on the one hand, and the media on the other hand. We are reaching out a friendly hand to journalists and the media. Please accept it. It is time to let the matter rest.


It might not be the best idea to end a public statement dispelling rumors of your client's predilection for murderous black magic on a "let's make peace, or else" note, but we still believe Gyan. Yep, there's no reason at all to suspect him of any wrongdoing. We all wish him the best of luck going forward in his career and life.


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