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Once again Philadelphia and New York's respective media communities are doing their best spur the rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants before their Wild Card game on Sunday. You can find the usual round of jibber jabber: Brandon Short astutely stating that Philadelphia's fans are "blue-collar" and "classless" and then , the New York media extracting a quote from Trent Cole about Eli Manning which stated "You get him rattled and his game starts going downhill," which turned into a headline about the Eagles attacking Eli's "Mannhood" or something. (Honestly, I hope Steve Serby gets face-raped by Tony Luke on Sunday in the parking lot before he even enters the press box. How's that for class?)

Wee. This is all cute and everything, but what can you expect from a city that that right now has a horrible, disorganized NFC team whose one shot at a redeeming season relies upon whether or not they can beat 37-year-old Jeff Garcia on Sunday. If they do win, is it really that much of an accomplishment, that the defending NFC East champions can be proud of? I mean, regardless of what happens on Sunday, the 2006 Giants have to be one of the most wretched football teams ever to receive a paycheck from the NFL. If they hadn't made the playoffs, well, it's pretty obvious that this is a team that needs to be completely dismanteld both offensively and defensively and then put to sleep like a blind dog with hip dysplasia.

I hope you guys win. Seriously. If winning this game means that you'll believe that this immature pack of cocksuckers you've assembled is the team you need for the next few seasons, I'm all for it. Enjoy last place for the next two seasons.

And, exhale.

Philly and New York Love to Hate Each Other [PhiladelphiaEaglesFanhouse]

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