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Photo: Al Bello (Getty Images)

After an extremely long and drawn-out negotiation process, the Giants have signed wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.—who was entering the last year of his contract—to a pretty sweet long-term extension.


Beckham’s not the only one excited about his windfall, though. He and fellow Giants wideout Sterling Shepard are cute pals who do fun shenanigans together, and as news of Beckham’s contract broke, Shepard posted an adorable celebration video from the Giants locker room, where Odell can’t stop dancing and Sterling can’t stop grinning.

That’s another receiver, Roger Lewis, doing most of the shouting. He seems pretty excited, too.


Both Shepard’s and Lewis’s base salaries are under $1 million for the upcoming season, so they have every right to be jazzed. They just found the guy who’s going to pay the check at every meal this season.

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