Last week we asked you for gift ideas for people who like to drink. Here are your best suggestions.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin from BrewDog. If the name doesn't make it obvious, this beer is one of the world's strongest, boasting a 32 percent ABV. That's a challenge any beer drinker worth his salt would love to take up. [BrewDog]

Via Hit Bull Win Steak

The HomeMade Gin Kit. A legal moonshine kit. Sure, it's basically just adding juniper berries to vodka, but who cares. Still sounds awesome. [HomeMade Gin Kit]

Via Robtuse

Aromatic Bitters Set. Sometimes the tried and true vodka-plus-whatever-juice-is-in-the-fridge just won't cut it and you'll want to impress guests with a more sophisticated drink. These bitters are for then. [KegWorks]

Via keybumpswitheldiego

Barbuzzo Beer Hammer. A hammer with a bottle opener instead of nail remover at the back, this is sure to be a hilariously bad idea regardless if it's used for drunken home improvements or as the ticking time bomb opener at some party house. Just don't get it for your own roommate and wait for the stories. [Amazon]

Via me

Beginning Homebrew Kit. Every man will own a home brewing kit at some point in his life. Maybe if you buy it for him he'll feel pressured to actually use it. [Adventures in Homebrewing]

Via LeadFed

Sam Adams Utopias. For the friend with a beer taste but champagne budget, this Sam Adams brew may be just the ticket. Because it costs $200 a bottle. Gizmodo reviewed it recently, so check that out for the full details. [Sam Adams]