You and your friends have decided to exchange gifts for the holidays. And you're stumped: It's not like you're going to get one of your boys clothing or jewelry, and it's not like any of you would suggest something on the order of a "stocking stuffer," since your girlfriend can worry about that.

You and your boys speak a common language that involves sports and drinking, or drinking and sports, or drinking while watching or talking about sports. Which means the way to go is with something that caters to what you all enjoy. So here's a short list of boozy ideas to help make it easy for you.

Who among us hasn't dreamt of having their own line of beer? We're here to make that dream a reality. What better way to impress your beer swivelling comrades than with a six pack (or four) of brews with a picture of your choice on the label. Beer on the Wall: $20.95 (per 6-pack; save with larger order) [Beer on the Wall]


As anyone between the ages of 16 and 25 will tell you, beer pong is the key to any successful party. Show your friend the pong player you care buy sending him an official-sized table with his future/current/former school's logo. College outdoor folding tables: $69.99 [Sports Unlimited]

These stylish and versatile glasses will be sure to blow away any friend with a budding home bar. Reed & Barton "Soho" Double Old Fashioned: $50 for set of four [Bloomingdale's]


Anyone who claims they haven't lost track of their beer intake and ended up sprawled out on a strange bathroom floor is lying. Well, those days are over. Now you can gauge exactly how many beers you're downing without making an announcement that you're counting them out as you go along. Beer Tracker Bottle Opener: $10 [Fred Flare]


We've all got a friend who doubles as an aspiring bartender. Make his day with this bartending kit, which comes equipped with the Bartender's Recipe Manual and every tool needed to construct the perfect cocktail. Bar Tools Accessories Kit: $179.90 [Addoway]

Drinking and cigar smoking tend to go hand and hand, and there's no better place to shop for smokers than the Nat Sherman store. A man's cigar choice is pretty personal, but any dedicated smoker is sure to love this pewter and mahogany number. Ashtray: $125 [Nat Sherman]