It can be hard to watch sports all the time and not feel that instinctive, itching urge to get off the couch and toss a ball around for a little while (or at least during the commercial breaks). But we want to make sure that you take heed of the special hierarchy of balls that are available for tossing out there. Here are the best gifts to get for your favorite antsy sports fan this year. The glory days are just a Nerf ball away.

Any young sportsman or sportswoman with an ounce of self-respect needs a Nerf hoops set. The Nerfoop Slam Pro will facilitate some legendary one-on-one battles, although the occasional concussion or head gash is as much a part of the game as the Tomahawk dunks. Nerfoop Slam Pro: $14.98 [Toys-R-Us]

The Handsome Dan football is the subject of a recent Wall Street Journal article, "Is This The Perfect Football?". The consensus is that yes, this is the perfect football, even if it is probably out of your price range. Handcrafted by former MLB photo editor Paul Cunningham, Handsome Dan balls are smaller than regulation NFL balls and are made from a softer leather, making it easier for people with normal human proportions to grip it. We can't all be Tom Brady, but we can pretend to be. Handsome Dan football: $120 [Leatherhead Sports]


With a radar gun, you and your softball league teammates will never have to argue about who throws the hardest again. It's a little on the pricey side, but it's well worth it. Haven't you ever seen The Rookie? This could be your big break. Radar gun: $749 [Baseball Express]


Turn any ordinary backyard into a bona fide battleground with a classic wiffle ball set. Extra credit goes to the gift giver who picks up the orange bases, as well. Wiffle ball set: $7.60, Bases: $10.97 [Amazon]

Your home might have a nice armoire, but if there's no electronic hoops game, then it's just not complete. This is really the easiest way to pretend you're Rick Barry from the free throw line. Electronic basketball shooting game: $149.99 [Sports Authority]